Warmachine: Golden Crucible - Rocketman Ace

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Some Crucible Guard rocketmen rise above their cohort, demonstrating an aptitude for the power of flight that few others can boast. After scoring dozens of high-value kills, such soldiers are welcomed into the ranks of the elite aces. Aces lead formations of rocketmen and serve as living scions of aerial war. Those who witness their feats are inspired to redouble their own efforts, hoping to some day earn a place among them.

The Rocketmen are the fast, furious, and high-flying shock troops of the Crucible Guard. Entire armies can be built with these daredevils as the primary infantry of that particular force, and the results are quiet devastating. The Rocketman Ace is powerful combat solo that also provides additional benefits for nearby units of Rocketmen. A player building an army with Crucible Guard Rocketmen (PIP 37013) as its backbone are going to want an Ace or two up their sleeve.