Warmachine: Golden Crucible - Railless Interceptor

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PIP 37018
1.06 LBS
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The Railless Interceptor is an advanced new type of military hardware, representing an evolution of armored transportation. Weighing in excess of 150 tons, the Railless is a rolling fortress of weapons and armor plating. It is crewed by a dedicated team of warriors who must serve as a hybrid of traditional crew, artillerists, and field mechaniks in order to keep their vehicle at peak operation during the course of a battle.

Easily one of the most impressive models in the Crucible Guard army, the Railless Interceptor brings a level of mobility and firepower most battle engines can only dream of. For players who want to build an army around these centerpiece figures, the Railless-riding warcaster Captain Eira Mackay (PIP 37019) provides excellent support.